The 2nd Design Intelligence Award Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries


According to DIA related regulations, all shortlisted participants shall deliver the real product or prototype to DIA Committee for Second Evaluation scheduled on March 25 - March 26, 2017. Please carefully read the following instructions for delivery:

I. Delivery Address

1. Recipient’s Address:

   No.352 Xiangshan Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, China 310024

   Folk Art Museum, Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art

2. Recipient: Yolanda, Design Intelligence Award Committee 

3. Tel: +86-(0)571-8720-0196 (Yolanda)

II. Receiving Time for Shortlisted Entries

1. To ensure the safety of all shortlisted entries, DIA Committee will only acceptant sign for delivered entries at 9:00 -16:00 between March 1st - March 17th, 2017 (except weekends). Participants outside China are suggested to send out their entries since February 15th, 2017; Participants in China are suggested to send out their entries since February 28th, 2017. Please take fully into account the factors such as distance, shipping time.

2. Therisk of loss may occur if entries arrive too early or too late. If any entry arrives before March 1st, 2017, DIA Committee may give no guarantee that we could sign for the parcel immediately and safekeeping. If any entry arrives after 16:00 on March 17th, 2017 (Beijing time), DIA Committee has the right to refuse to sign for it, and this entry will be deemed as quitting for this competition along with those entries not being delivered.

III. Delivery Notes

1. Please write down your Entry ID on both express waybill and parcel. Once sending out your parcel, please login DIA Registration System(, go for "Entry List" to fill in your "Delivery Information", otherwise your parcel won't be signed for.

2. To ensure shortlisted entries ready for operation and test by jury during Second Evaluation, please send the necessary accessories along with your entries (such as power wire, remote control, etc.). For some entries that required professional operations, participants could apply for face-to-face operation onsite. If necessary, participants need to contact DIA Committee before March 1st, 2017. Otherwise, they cannot enter the evaluation site.

3. In principle, the entries for Second Evaluation must be real product or functional prototype. If participants whose entries are impossible to deliver due to huge size (e.g. power station /bridge), they can apply for sending "scale model of entries" with "video" for Second Evaluation. If necessary, please contact DIA Committee before March 1st, 2017.

4. Only FEDEX, DHL and Shun Feng Express can directly reach the Recipient's address in the campus of CAA. To avoid any loss and breakage of entries, we strongly suggest that, overseas participants choose FEDEX or DHL, participants in China (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan are included) choose Shun Feng Express (SF-Express).

5. To avoid any loss and breakage of entries, we suggest you purchase insurance for the delivered entries. 

IV.  Delivery Cost and Entry Return

1. All expenses for delivery and return shall be paid by the participants. We will refuse to sign for any parcel for which delivery fee is not paid.

2. Tariffs may occur when overseas entries arrive in China, which shall be paid by participants. The tariffs are in direct proportion to the declared value/price written by you on the express waybill. Please contact local express company for details about tariff payment procedures before sending out entries.

3. If entries are examined by customs and need be declared, participants should contact Chinese customs broker and offer required documents for customs clearance, which will be paid by participants (normally 70-120 USD). If necessary, DIA Committee could recommend Chinese customs brokers for reference only.

4. In order to expand DIA's influence and promote good entries, DIA Committee will organize exhibition tour in cooperation with varies design promotion agencies after this competition. In principle, the entries will be returned to participants after exhibition tour ends, any withdrawal of entries during exhibition period is not permitted. It is estimated that 2017 exhibition tourwill be end in October 2017.

V. About Entry's Breakage

1. If any breakage occurred during transportation, DIA Committee will take photos and upload onto Registration System immediately when entries arrive, so participants can login the system to check the delivery status so as to claimfor compensation from express company. If entry is badly broken and unavailable for evaluation, participant is suggested to send another one to us.

2. DIA Committee shall ensure that there will be no man-made damage upon those delivered entries, but unavoidable use traces may be caused due to the evaluation, for which DIA Committee would assume no responsibility.

. Once you send out your entries, which would be deemed as you have read and accept all the above terms and conditions.

If you have any question, please contact us by email ( ). Please write down your Entry ID in your mail subject.

Design Intelligence Award Committee

February 15th, 2017

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