Host: China Academy of Art

Co-organizer: China Industrial Design Association

Supporters: People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, People’s Government of Hangzhou, People’s Government of Xihu District

Organizer: Design Intelligence Award Committee

Strategic Cooperation:
Media Support:
In-depth Cooperation Media:Sina Household,Netease News,Technode,China Visual,Modern Weekly
Industrial Media Support:Xinhua Net,People's Network,Phoenix Net,Zhejiang Online,Mega Zhejiang Network,Hangzhou Network,36 kr,CY. Zone,Design Pi,Arting 365,Xiusheji,China Design Net,Visual Alliance,Billwang,Phoenix Art,Artron.net,Puxiang Industrial Design Station,CoIn
Xinhua News Agency,China News Service,PR Newswire,People's Daily,Guangming Daily,The Paper,China Daily,China Youth News,City Pictorial,Southern Urban Daily,Zhejiang Daily,Hangzhou Daily,Urban Express,Qianjiang Evening News,Economic Daily,The Outlook Magazine,Xinmin Weekly,Zhejiang Today,Design and Manufacture,Cultural Industries Monthly,Cultural Industries Guide,Fashion Colour Magazine
ZJTV,E.C ZJTV,Qianjiang Channel of ZJTV,General Channel of Hangzhou TV,West Lake Pearl Channel of Hangzhou TV
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